Troy Police Problems

A dispute between Troy Borough Council and the police force leads to the resignation of the chief and two officers.

Troy Police Problems

August 10, 2012

Troy (WENY) - The Troy Police Chief, a Senior patrolman and one part time officer will stop working on august 22. Borough council will have a special meeting Monday to come up with solutions before time runs out.

     In the Borough of Troy there are less than 1500 people, and about five miles of roads that need to be patrolled. The recent resignations of long time police Chief Kyle Wisel and Officer Floyd Mcdonald have some neighbors nervous. The resignations leave only one full time officer to patrol the entire borough. 

    Borough Manager, Dan Close says it's all about money. For budget reasons the council froze pay for part time officers, and Police Chief Wisel didn't like that. Wisel and Mcdonald have each been working for the borough police department for 16 years. At a recent council meeting reported in the Daily Review, they claimed they don't make enough money to support their families.

     Neighbors are sad to see the officers resign. Karl Gundersen, a Troy resident, says hes concerned, saying 
“you worry about drugs and all the other things that come a long with all the other people. Having somebody in a position where they know and understand where they need to keep an eye on things help deter some of that.”

     The Borough Council meeting will start at 7:30 A.M. on Monday.   It is open to the public.