Wendy Long Visits Southern Tier

Wendy Long Visits Corning

CORNING (WENY) --  Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long was in Corning on Tuesday afternoon to talk to small business owners about the economic future of America.  She and Rep. Tom Reed say job creation is the number one issue for the upcoming election and the Southern Tier.

They visited about six businesses on Market Street including Beyond Baskets and Browns Cigar Store.  Business owners say two of their largest concerns are increasing taxes and too much government regulation.

"We've been through a depression, two world wars, a number of major economic downturns and two floods, but it's the state and the federal government that's putting us out of business," says Terry Smith, one of the owners of Browns Cigar Store.

I think that the state of the economy, after these last three years, and the way its just completely stuck in the mud and sinking, and jobs not being created, is really the number one concern," said Long.

Wendy Long also attended a fundraiser Tuesday night to raise money for her ongoing campaign.  Both Congressman Reed and Long are on the ballot for the November 6th election.