First Aircraft Touches Down at Wings of Eagles

First Aircraft Touches Down at Wings of Eagles

BIG FLATS (WENY)-- The first aircraft touched down at the new Wings of Eagles Discovery Center today.

The County Executive and Wings of Eagles president cut the ribbon and welcomed the iconic U-H1 helicopter into the new facility on Daniel Zenker Drive this morning.

The discovery is dedicating the new display helicopter to Vietnam Vets, who rode into battle in the U-H1.

"So we thought it was fitting that it be the first in because it was a way of showing our support to that generation from men and women who serve our country," said Wings of Eagles President, Mike Hall.

The Wings of Eagles teaches children about math and aviation technology. The new building is equipped with state of the art aviation classrooms. Staff members hope the expansion will increase enrollment from 400 to 5,000 students.

The building is almost ready for take-off.... it's set to open to the public on September 20th.