Dozens Killed By Earthquake In Central Italy

Italy's civil protection service says the preliminary toll from Wednesday's 6 magnitude quake is 38, and the number is expected to rise. >>

US Dairy Farmers Hurt By Cheese Surplus

Dairy farmers have seen revenues drop by 35% in the last two years. >>

NY Sends Firefighters To Help Contain Western Wildfires

New York firefighters are heading to the West Coast to help contain wildfires there. >>

Trump to Receive First Classified Intelligence Today

Top Democrats have argued that Trump would not responsibly handle the sensitive information. >>

Study Shows Parents Putting Babies in Unsafe Sleeping Positions

The footage showed a number of parents putting their babies at risk by placing them down on their sides or stomachs. >>

Self-Proclaimed Facebook Co-Owner Resurfaces After Fleeing U.S.

The upstate New York man who claimed Mark Zuckerberg owed him half of Facebook has resurfaced after a year and a half on the run. >>

AT&T Raising Data Plan Prices

AT&T is joining Verizon in raising the prices of some of its data plans. >>

21 Local Red Cross Volunteers Help Louisiana Flood Victims

With the flood continuing to cause chaos in Louisiana, volunteers are heading to the area to help out. >>

15 Guantanamo Detainees Transferred Out

That's the single-largest transfer since President Barack Obama took office, according to the administration. >>

Trump Releases Plan To Defeat Radical Islam

GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump unveiled his much anticipated plan to defeat radical Islam. >>

Clinton, Biden Take Aim at Trump

Vice President Joe Biden campaigned with Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in his hometown. >>

Molly Huddle Sets American Record

Elmira native Molly Huddle may not have won the 10,000 meter race, but she did set a new American record. >>

TSA Discovers Record Breaking 78 Firearms this week

This week the Transportation Safety Administration discovered a record breaking 78 firearms and 68 of them were loaded. >>

Delta Flights Grounded Due To System Outage

Delta Air Lines has grounded flights and predicted widespread cancellations Monday. >>

Delta Investigating Cause of Computer Glitch

Delta flights are back in the air after a massive computer outage grounded all planes globally. >>

Ford Recalling 830,000 Vehicles

Ford is recalling about 830,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Mexico because the side door latches can break and the doors can open while the vehicles are moving. >>

Credit Cards With Chip Could Be Vulnerable to Thieves

Researchers say card thieves can simply re-write the card's magnetic strip code to make it appear like a chip-less card. >>

Women Without Tonsils, Appendix More Likely to Get Pregnant

A new study suggests that women who had their tonsils or appendix removed have a better chance of getting pregnant. >>

Schumer Urges House to Make US Olympic Prizes Tax-Free

Sen. Charles Schumer, on the eve of the Summer Olympics, is calling on the House to follow his chamber's lead and make the cash prizes won by U.S. medalists tax-exempt in future games. >>

Local NY Congressman Backs Clinton

One local Congressman has spoken out against Donald Trump. >>

Clinton Accepts Nomination, Promotes National Unity

Hillary Clinton addressed the crowd at the Democratic National Convention, which wrapped up Thursday night. >>

DNC: Hillary Clinton Becomes First Female Presidential Nominee

"We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet," a smiling Clinton declared. >>

Two Killed, 17 Injured In Florida Nightclub Shooting

A shooting at a Fort Myers nightclub early Monday morning killed two people and wounded at least 17. >>

Lorex Baby Monitor Recall

The company says the batteries can overheat, and it poses a burn hazard. >>

Nearly 400 Thousand Pounds of Hot Dog and Corn Dog Recalled

You should avoid eating Bar-S Foods ready-to-eat chicken and pork hot dogs produced between July 10 and 13th because they may be contaminated with listeria. >>

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