NY Delegates Back Romney-Ryan

NY Delegates Behind Romney

TAMPA (WENY) – Talk about a sign of unity among the New York delegation. All 95 of their delegates pledged their support Tuesday night to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

“It was New York State, along with Pennsylvania, that made Mitt Romney the presumptive nominee,” says NYS Republican Committee Chair Ed Cox.

Tuesday night, New York State GOP Chairman Ed Cox helped make Mitt Romney the Republican party’s official nominee for President.

Cox called the roll for the New York delegation, which pledged all 95 of its votes to the former Massachusetts Governor.

“I got to say some more things about the great State of New York, and how we reacted so well to Mitt Romney’s message of an opportunist society, of free people, of free enterprise, and I was proud to do that,” says Cox.

While Cox has been to seven GOP conventions, New York State Assembly minority leader Brian Kolb is attending for the first time. He’s one of two delegates for the 29th Congressional District.

“So to be here in person, to feel the excitement, the thrill, and the opportunity for democracy in action is awesome,” says Kolb.

Now that the roll call is over with, Kolb is looking forward to Romney’s acceptance speech on Thursday. And he’s hoping voters back home in the Southern Tier are watching.

“We’ve lost faith and trust and belief [in government], and I think Governor Romney can restore that, and hopefully the voters will see that in the coming days and weeks up to the election,” says Kolb.

The excitement for these delegates is far from over. Wednesday night’s theme is “We Can Change It,” and speakers include former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former presidential candidate John McCain, and the acceptance speech by vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan.