Cornell Toxicologist Weighs In On Pet Jerky Treats

Cornell Toxicologist

      On Wednesday, warnings were issued from the FDA that toxic pet jerky treats from China may be to blame for making thousands of dogs across the country sick. Thursday we spoke to a Cornell toxicologist who's attending a conference on the issue.
      In a Skype interview, Motoko Mukai advises consumers to avoid giving pets jerky treats, especially chicken, and to keep an eye out for any abnormal symptoms. A statement released by the FDA yesterday reports 3,600 dogs and 10 cats fell ill and nearly 600 dogs died because of chicken, duck and/or sweet potato treats.  
     Reports of problems have decreased in recent months, since several companies voluntarily pulled their jerky treats off store shelves.
     Mukai says, "Right now, we don't see a concern. At least, the ones the are on the market, we haven't found any toxic levels of anything. But just keep an eye out for signs, especially gastrointestinal signs- vomiting, diarrhea."
     She also says it's important for pet owners to not be too alarmed because the FDA says the illnesses are 'potentially associated' with the jerky treats, but it's not a definitve diagnosis.