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DC Bureau: Wrap-up of Thursday’s shooting incident

DC Bureau: Wrap-up of Thursday

WASHINGTON, D.C. (10/03/2013) – It is quiet on Capitol Hill Thursday night, after a chaotic day that included gun shots and a car chase.

Around 2:30 p.m., this message was played on the emergency public address system for all inside the Capitol building:

"This is an emergency message from the U.S. Capitol Police. There is a report of gunfire on Capitol Hill. If you're in an office building, shelter in place. Close, lock, and move away from the doors and windows. If you're outside the office buildings, seek cover away from the area. Additional information will follow."

The lock down was lifted after about a half hour.

One of the people outside during all the chaos was Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who was told to hide behind a car.

The senator said he heard five shots. Then, he saw people getting down on the ground across the street. That's when he hid behind a car until Capitol Police told him to get back inside the Capitol.

"Sort of chaos breaks out," Brown said. "I never really thought our lives were threatened, but the police officers were running by and shouting, ‘Duck' and ‘Get Back' and ‘Get Down.' It obviously gets your attention. We saw a police officer on a motorcycle go up the sidewalk, and that's when we knew it was more serious than a presidential or vice-presidential motorcade."

However, Brown said he still feels safe inside the Capitol.

"Absolutely. I feel safe in my state, and I feel safe here. Absolutely," he said.

After Thursday's shooting incident, members of Congress went back to work and the lock down was lifted shortly after.