'It’s a Small World’ Celebrates 50 Years

Written By: Kellie Meyer

It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all. Stuck in your head yet?

April 10, 2014

TWIN TIERS (WENY) -- It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all and for the songs 50th anniversary, Disney wants to prove just how small the world can be by having people from all over the world sing the song.
     They're hosting a global sing-along Thursday at 10:30AM. To mark the big day, guests and cast members at all five Disney resorts, from California to Florida to Paris to Hong Kong will united to sing the famous theme song.
     The original "It's a Small World" attraction opened at the 1964 New York World's Fair as a tribute to UNICEF. Disney is donating 150 thousand to UNICEF as part of the celebration.
     You can join in the celebration at smallworld50 dot com. Send videos of your rendition of 'it’s a small world' to us on our Facebook page.