DNC Delegates Prepare for Roll Call Vote

DNC Roll Call Vote

CHARLOTTE, NC (WENY) -- It's the halfway point of the Democratic National Convention. Tonight, delegates nominate President Obama for a second term. And there are some big changes for the president's prime time speech tomorrow night.
There's a lot of disappointment here in Charlotte as organizers of the Democratic National Convention decided to move tomorrow night's big speech by President Obama from the outdoor Bank of America stadium to back inside the Time Warner Cable Arena, where the rest of this week's convention activities have taken place because of the potential of bad weather here.
      For tonight, the convention continues as planned inside with former President Bill Clinton giving the nominating address. After that, the night will conclude with the roll call vote. I spoke to some of our local delegates about how that moment will be for them.
     "It's absolutely awesome, because you realize that you, little old you - we're all just ordinary people - are casting your vote for president - at least of your party," said democratic Delegate Irene Stein, from Tompkins County.
     "I proudly cast it for our president and our vice-president, Joe Biden. It'll be fun," said democratic Delegate Shawn Hogan, of Hornell.
      Because Stein and Hogan already have delegate credentials, they'll be able to see the president's speech inside the Time Warner Cable Arena tomorrow night.  As for the 65,000 members of the public who signed up to see the speech in the stadium, it's not going to happen anymore. Instead, the president will thank them over the phone in a phone conference.