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Farm Bill Passes The House

Written By: Candice Cole
Farm Bill Passes The House
     WASHINGTON---(WENY) House Republicans in Washington have passed a scaled-down version of the proposed Farm Bill which passed the Senate last month. GOP leaders scrambled to get the bill to the floor today and gather enough votes after making a decision to drop the food stamp section of the bill.
     The legislation now contains only farm programs. The plan which passed by a narrow 216-208 vote, faced opposition from Democrats, farm groups and conservative groups. Despite the bill's passage, the news was not so well received here in New York. Dean Norton, President of the New York Farm Bureau issued a statement saying:

“Passage of a Farm Bill in the House today should have been a moment for great celebration, but instead, New York’s farmers are left with continued uncertainty about how this bill will become law before the current version expires in September. While many of the provisions in this House Farm bill are good for New York and we fought hard for their inclusion, we opposed splitting the agriculture and nutrition portions into separate bills that break apart the urban-rural collaboration that has been critical for decades in advancing farm and food policy in this country. We appreciate the diligent work of the many members of our delegation, including our Agriculture Committee members, for their hard work on the Farm Bill, but we could not support a process that has unknown long-term ramifications. New York Farm Bureau will continue to work with the entire Congressional delegation for successful completion of a Farm Bill that serves the needs of farmers, our communities and our neighbors in need.”