Tired of Campaign Ads? Itís Only Just Begun

Negative Political Ads

WASHINGTON (WENY) --  Itís already been a war of words between President Obama and Mitt Romney.  Your TV is the battleground, and the airwaves are the weapons.  The nasty fight is all for your vote, so when will it be safe to go near your TV again?

 ďItís only just begun and itís going to get heated,Ē said Nikki Usher, a media professor at George Washington University.

The TV ambush wonít really start until next month.  And when itís finally over, this campaign season is expected to set records for political advertising.  Usher says these ads arenít meant for all of us.

ďWhat campaigns are fighting for are really the one to two percent especially in these battleground states where they could possibly shift public opinion Ė thatís who they are fighting for,Ē she said.

Experts say that undecided voters arenít going to make up their minds until just before Election Day.  Thatís why Usher warns that candidates and their messengers have to tone down the negative ads or some voters might tune out.

So hang on to your remote.  Itís still too early to tell just how negative itís going to get. 

ďThe trick is to not get them so frustrated with the campaign that they donít actually show up and vote,Ē said Usher.