Newt Gingrich Drops Out of Race

Newt Gingrich Officially Suspends His Campaign on Wednesday

Gingrich Drops Out of Race

May 2, 2012

       Republican candidate Newt Gingrich announced he's officially dropped out the race.  He's throwing support behind frontrunner Mitt Romney, who has actually agreed to help pay off some of Gingrich's debt.

       He actually made an unofficial announcement Tuesday on an online video on his website, where he thanked his supporters and the two-and-a-half million people who voted for him in all the primaries leading up to Wednesday's announcement. Gingrich maintained that this is still the most important election of our lifetime.

GINRICH: "Today, I'm suspending the campaign. But suspending the campaign does not mean suspending citizenship. Callista and I promise to work with you and with every American who wants to create that better future to once again challenge the institutes that don't work, challenge the premises that don't work, to create new solutions, new opportunities so the 21st century will be the third century of freedom and American exceptionalism."

        Gingrich says he'll continue to be on the campaign trail and do whatever he can to help defeat Barack Obama in November.  The next primaries are scheduled for Tuesday, May 8, when voters in Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia head to the polls.