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Making History Across Grand Canyon

Making History Across Grand Canyon

(WENY)--- A 34-year-old daredevil is now the first person to successfully complete a tightrope across the Grand Canyon.

Aerialist Nik Wallenda making a historic tightrope crossing without a harness. He completed a tightrope walk that took him a quarter mile over the Little Colorado River Gorge in northeastern Arizona on Sunday.

The Sarasota Florida native performed the stunt on a 2-inch-thick steel cable, 1500 feet above the river on the Navajo Nation near the Grand Canyon. He says the impossible is not so impossible.

"I was very focused. The wind was something that you could definitely not train for it was coming from every which way," said Wallenda. "But you know what I made it through and the mist was powerful. You know the mist was in my eyes. There were a couple times where I had to blink so that I could see but again praise God here I am in one piece,"

The event was broadcast live on the Discovery Channel. Wallenda told reporters after the walk that he hoped his next stunt would be a tightrope walk between the Empire State building and the Chrysler building in New York.