Thousands Protest Zimmermanís Verdict

Thousands Protest Zimmermanís Verdict

SANFORD, FL---People protesting George Zimmerman's acquittal demonstrated into the night around the county.

In New York, people blocked traffic as they marched through Times Square. In Los Angeles demonstrators ran out onto I-10 - stopping cars on the freeway until police moved in.

A jury found the neighborhood watchman NOT guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. One day after the verdict - many who live here in Sanford - were trying to move on.

Zimmerman is a free man - but his brother and lawyers say, he's still on edge. The Justice Department has an open investigation into the case. The N-Double-A-C-P wants federal prosecutors to file criminal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

Martin's family is still processing the jury's decision. Church services honoring Martin also took place across the country. At some - worshipers prayed in hoodies - similar to the one the 17-year-old wore the night he died.