Race to 270 Electoral Votes

The Presidential Race to the White House Continues to Heat Up

Race to 270 Votes

May 9, 2012

        WASHINGTON D.C. (WENY) --  The race for the White House is now moving full-steam ahead.  President Obama officially launched his re-election bid this week, while Mitt Romney won three more primaries – further cementing his position as the presumptive Republican nominee.  The candidates’ parties are now crafting their strategies for a victory in November.

        “We’ve always said that this is going to be a close election,” said Democratic National Committee communications director Brad Woodhouse.

        Woodhouse says the Dems have a 50-state strategy going into the general election.   But it’s the battleground states like Pennsylvania -- where the race will be decided.

        “The president has made a tremendous amount of progress.  There’s a lot that this country has overcome as a result of his leadership,” said Woodhouse.

        Woodhouse says Mitt Romney is out of touch with New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians.  That’s why Woodhouse believes the president will win both states again.

        “Republicans have had this pipe dream for a while that they’d win Pennsylvania.  It hasn’t happened, and we’re convinced it won’t happen this time,” he said.

        “Let’s face it --- this is going to be a referendum on Barack Obama,” said Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus.

        Priebus says the president hasn’t fulfilled his promises.

        “He’s a candidate who campaigned in 2008 as the candidate for hope and change,” said Priebus.  “We have to hold this president accountable to the economy and the promises he didn’t keep.”

       Priebus says the GOP’s strategy is put an army on the ground.

       “Obviously, states around Ohio are important – Pennsylvania, Michigan – our plan is to win door-to-door,” he said.

       Several polls right now show Obama or Romney leading by less than ten percentage points.  Some polls even have them tied.