Senate prepares to pass budget deal

Written By: Jacqueline Policastro
Senate prepares to pass budget deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Ahead of Wednesday’s tentative budget vote, the Senate is poised to pass a bipartisan spending deal that will avoid another government shutdown, and keep the government’s budget on track with a $1 trillion per year spending allowance over the next two years.

It is a bill that has the support of Democratic Senator Bob Casey (PA).

“I think folks in both parties want some budget certainty which we haven’t had in a long time and we’re finally dealing with sequestration, the across the board indiscriminate cuts, that are really destructive,” Casey said. “So for those two fundamental reasons I think we’ll get enough support to pass it.” 

All Democratic Senators voted yes to advance the budget bill to a final vote. 

12 Republicans joined them, but not Pennsylvania’s own Pat Toomey.

In a statement, Toomey said, “This deal establishes new, higher budget caps to increase spending. The deal purports to offset those increases. But it does so, in some cases, with gimmicks and to a large degree with higher revenues.”

Attempts to reach Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, both Democrats, were unsuccessful, but they have said in past interviews that they are disappointed the budget deal does not include an extension to federal unemployment benefits,
something Democrats have said they will continue to fight for when they return to Congress from Christmas break.