Lampricide Treatment Cancelled in Catharine Creek

Written By: Samantha Potter
Lampricide Treatment Cancelled in Catharine Creek

MONTOUR FALLS (WENY) -- The state has been treating lake tributaries for the past 30 years but this years treatment is being cancelled. Catharine Creek in Montour falls was suppose to be treated with lampricide in an effort to control sea lamprey.
     The DEC had to cancel treatment that is suppose to combat Sea Lamprey in Seneca lake and now the lakes' trout could be in danger.
     The Lamprey are eel-like fish that attach themselves and feed on the fish's body fluid, eventually killing them. The Sea Lamprey grow and develop in Catharine Creek and then move out into the lake to feed on various types of trout and landlocked salmon.
     Brad Hammers from the DEC says because of high waters in the creek today, the DEC was unable to properly treat the stream with a Lampicide called TFM.
     “We had that pretty bad storm on Sunday evening which brought the creek up very high and muddy. So with the conditions of the creek and weather that could come the next couple of days we had to cancel the treatment,” says Hammers.
     There could be a increase in the Sea Lamprey this Summer but Hammers says it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. “Anglers may notice a slight increase in the number of wounds that they see on the fish or sea lamprey in the lake,” says Hammers.