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Bath Police Arrest Six in Drug Bust

Drug Bust in Bath

BATH (WENY) -- Six people were put behind bars in the Steuben County Jail Friday following a drug bust in Bath.

Facing felony charges of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance are Domingus Harkins, 56, of Manor Village, Bath, Jordon Guerin, 17, of West William Street, Bath, Eddie Robinson, 27, of Rochester, Pierre Harris, 23, of Rochester, John H, Moore, 28, of Rochester, and Latecia S. Devine, 22, of Rochester. Robinson was also charged with violation of parole.

Bath investigators say a man -- who police are not identifying -- was being held against his will at the Denwood Terrace Trailer Court for allegedly owing money to the people there.

He managed to send a text message to his mom, asking for help. The mother contacted police, who showed up at the trailer.

Police found baggies of crack-cocaine, about 500-dollars in cash and drug paraphernalia. Investigators say the six dealers destroyed most of the drugs before police got there. They were arrested without incident.

Neighbors at the trailer park say for the most part, Denwood Terrace is a nice area where there's never been much trouble in the past. But recently, residents have been seeing "sketchy individuals" coming around at night.

Harkins, Robinson, Harris and Moore are in the Steuben County Jail without bail. Guerin and Devine are being held on $50,000 bail.

Investigators say a few of alleged dealers arrested are "key players" in the upstate New York drug trade.