2013 Elmira City Budget Proposal

Elmira City Budget 2013

The Elmira City Manage presented the city's budget proposal for 2013.

The proposal includes a 2.9 percent property tax increase, or 27 dollars a year for every 50,000 dollars in property value.

It does not include any layoffs , and continues to fund all public services.

There's no increase to the sanitation fee

State aid is expected to be the same as last year, which is a little bit of good news since it's gone down 243 thousand dollars since 2009.

The major cost in the budget is State mandated employer pension obligations, which is projected to go up by $773,000.

Elmira City Manager, John Burin says, "Sales tax revenues will not be what they were in the past. And, this budget is projecting, I believe, $779,000 less."

The budget includes about two-and-a-half million dollars in grants for redeveloping the old Harolds, Marvins, and Rosenbaums site.