2014 NY Gubernatorial Race

2014 NY Gubernatorial Race

ELMIRA--[WENY]--We all have heard by now that Rob Astorino's Gubernatorial running mate is our very own Chemung County Sheriff Christopher Moss.

The Question is now, do they have a chance of winning against the fairly popular Governor Cuomo?

According to an April 14 Siena Collage Poll, in a head to head match up, Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to hold a better than two-to-one lead over Astorino, 58 to 28 percent, slightly down from march.

Of course the upstate fight against the New York Safe Act will help sway some votes, as both Astorino and Moss are not supporters of it.

Earlier today we spoke with WENY's Political Analyst Jim Twombly who says Astorino's record as Westchester County Executive shows great accomplishments, but could it be enough?

Twombly says, I think that Rob Astorino picking an Upstate Law Enforcement Officer is probably a pretty good move. Unfortunately, maybe a move wasted because of the particular political cycle. Andrew Cuomo is virtually unbeatable this year, but in another year where the election might be closer, this is pretty much a stroke of genius.

Now even with Twombly's bleak forecast for the new running mates, he says there is always hope, if Cuomo happens to get wrapped up in a scandal or something drastic happens in the state between now and the November election, the two Republican candidates could very well have a good chance in a gubernatorial win.

If you want to hear from Astorino and Moss in person they are making an appearance in Elmira on Saturday at 6:30 in the evening at the Chemung County Court House.