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Elmira School Budget Proposal

The budget calls for both reduction and addition of staff.

Elmira School Budget 2014-2015

March 19, 2014
Elmira (WENY) -The Elmira school district presented its preliminary 2014-2015 budget Wednesday night.

The district presented a budget that included a tax levy increase of 3.61 percent. The board felt that was too much, and asked for the district to present a budget that has a two percent tax levy increase.

The budget also called for a reduction in five positions of science, special education, and business personnel, but also called for an increase of five people in Math, Physical education, and technology.

Two people at the meeting tonight spoke out against cutting the special education position, saying it would hurt attention time for students. WENY asked the superintendent about the concern. Hillary Austin said that she appreciates all the special education social workers due for the school district. She said that cuts are always hard decisions to make. She also pointed out the required number of social workers would be decreasing in the district. The budget totaled about 81.5 million dollars, 68 percent of the budget will come from state aid.