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A Thanksgiving Feast for the Turkeys

Written By: Logan Wilson
Turkey Thanksgiving

Watkins Glen, N.Y. (WENY) -- Most people will be putting their bird on the table sometime today, but the tables were turned at a local farm this weekend. The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen held their own Thanksgiving dinner, but it was for the turkeys!

     "We are having a celebration for the turkeys, because this is the animal that obviously doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. So this is our day, to allow people to get to know turkeys for the sentiment beings that they are," said Susie Coston, the Farm Sanctuary's National Shelter Director. For 29 years, the Farm Sanctuary invites the public to join them in their Celebration of the Turkeys. The sanctuary is home to more than 500 farm animals, pardoned from your holiday table.

     "29 years ago when we started the event, we just knew the number of turkeys that are killed every year for food. Once you get to know a turkey, they are really no different than your cats and your dogs," said Coston. The rescued turkeys are the guests of honor but the sanctuary doesn't forget about the other holiday animal. The pigs on the farm go hog wild for pumpkins. The farm is also home to many cows, sheep, goats chickens, and the opportunity for people to get to know they food they may often eat.

     "What we do at sanctuaries is allow people to make a connection. So before you sit down and eat anything or anyone, you should probably meet them and get to know who they are," said Coston. "Every year there are 45 million in the US just at Thanksgiving, that's a lot of turkeys. So this is our day to say how much we love turkeys and celebrate their life instead of their death. Kale, cranberries, squash and pumpkin; was the Thanksgiving menu for the Celebration for the Turkey's.