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Airport Snow Clearing

Airport Plows

      BIG FLATS---(WENY) Winter travel can always be a little tricky, given the weather- and this time around is no different.
     Al Millanette, a passenger on his way to Florida said, "We're awaiting a plane that's coming from Detroit to take us back there, so we can get to Ft. Meyers. We've been delayed two hours and it'll probably be about 8:00 tonight before we make it back there."  
     It can definitely be a hassle, but to help make sure you get to where you're going in a snow storm, crews at Elmira-Corning Airport are working day and night to keep things running smoothly.
     Elmira-Corning Director of Aviation, Ann Crook said, "They came in at 3 am this morning. Our first flights leave at 6 am, so they come in at 3 to make sure we're ready to go for those 6am departures."
      Airport Maintenance Worker, PJ Wheeler explained, "We could be here for a couple days or a few hours depending on what Mother Nature gives us."
     They plow, brush, and sand the runway to ensure a safe take off and landing on the airport's eight thousand feet of runway. However, it's just another day on the job for them, and it doesn't usually take as long as you might think.
     Wheeler says, "If we just broom the runway, it could take up to 15 minutes to a half an hour if we have all the equipment running." It's all in an effort to keep things at the airport running smoothly.
      As always, if you are taking a flight somewhere in this weather, it's a good idea to make sure you check your flight status early to prepare for any delays and cancellations.