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Amber Alert System

Amber Alert system
  NEW YORK ( WENY) You may not see it often but when you do you should know its serious. On average New York sends out 6 amber alerts per year. To qualify the child must be under the age of 18 and there must be reasonable cause that the child was abducted and is in serious danger.
    If your phone was created before 2012 you probably didn't receive this message yesterday. If you would like to stay up to date on information alerts you can go to nyalert.gov and sign up to get text message alerts directly to your phone.  If you have a smart phone that was created after 2011,  amber alerts will automatically be sent to your phone through cell towers. Amber alerts are also broadcasted through radio, television and road signs.
    Gary Kelly the Amber Alert Coordinator says “the idea behind the amber program is to get the public involved, assisting law enforcement quickly in locating an abducted child. We don't want them to physically intervene but if they see the suspect, child or if there a vehicle involved the vehicle. We want them to call 911 and pass on as much information to police intelligence as they can get to police that would be helpful in locating the child.”
     Since 2002 their have been 50 amber alert activations in New York. Twenty three of those cases were resolved directly because of the amber alert system.