Arctic League Opens Big Book

Arctic League

ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- A local charity that makes sure needy kids in Chemung County get Christmas presents opened its big book today.
     The Arctic League's "Big Book" records all donations for the season. Last year the charity raised over $120,000 and that's the goal again this year.
     Two new Artic League board members opened the book, with President Jake Hover and this year's bell ringer, seven year old Kristena Porter, a second grader at Fassett Elementary school. She was chosen for the charity work she's done with the Cancer Society and Locks of Love.
f nothing else it's for the child that is part of a family that doesn't have anything, and all of a sudden that child gets a gift for Christmas. And if you look here Christmas morning and you look at the line of volunteers they go all the way down to the old Sears building," Hover said.
     To find out where you can donate to the Artic League, click here.