ATV Safety Tips

ATV Safety Tips


     New York State and Pennsylvania have some of the highest ATV related fatalities in the country. Nationwide, over 800 people die, and over 135,000 are injured every year from ATV related accidents. One third of those statistics are from children 16 years and younger, and we have a couple of tips to show you, before you ride.
     Between the months of May and September, ATV use is at it's highest, and during that time, ATV related deaths and injuries are at their peak as well.

So before you ride, here are some tips:

     - Always wear protective gear. Helmets, gloves, goggles, long pants and long sleeved shirts. 28% of injuries are to the head, with roughly 30 percent to arms and hands.

      - Never drive on paved roads. ATV's are designed to handle off road conditions, not only is it illegal in most areas, you could be struck by a car.

      - And most importantly, never permit children to drive an adult ATV. They can easily tip over, and some adult ATV's can travel more than 60 miles an hour, and weight almost half a ton. Youth style ATVs are generally lighter, slower, and easier to handle for children.


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