Band Uniforms For Elmira High School Students

Band Uniforms

     ELMIRA---(WENY) Two school districts are working together to benefit local students for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.    
      Thanks to the collaboration of the Corning Painted Post and Elmira City School Districts, this coming fall Elmira marching band students will be ready to hit the field with uniforms they can call their own.
      The Elmira City School District was able to buy band uniforms from Corning Painted Post just in time for the consolidation of Elmira's high schools next year, saving them a ton of money.
     The cost of brand new band uniforms for each student can cost upwards of $250.00 each. Times that by 20 or so, and you've got quite the bill.
     Elmira City School District Superintendent Hillary Austin says, "It's a opportunity, not just for the students, but also for the school district to continue our focus on making financially responsible decision."
     Corning-Painted Post Superintendent Mike Ginalski says itís a perfect fit. He told WENY, "With the Elmira Express colors being Maroon and Black, it really works out quite well. And, fortunately the band unforms are actually in pretty good shape. so, i think you're going to see more collaboration between districts."
     ECSD Superintendent Austin says she's appreciative of the opportunity to work with Corning Painted Post, and hopes this kind of shared services between school districts will continue in the future.