Bank Robbery Arrests

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Bank Robbery Arrests

     ELMIRA - [WENY]     Authorities held a press conference on Wednesday afternoon in Elmira, to announce the arrests in connection to the string of recent bank robberies.
     Chemung County Sheriff Christopher Moss said, "We had information sharing going on a daily basis, leads were being followed up on, we combined all of the information together, and we combined resources and we got in the same direction and obviously at the end of the day we had a positive outcome."
     The joint investigative efforts led to the arrest of 24 year old Tracy White, and an unidentified teenager.
     Both were arrested after police launched a search warrant at a home on Clinton Street, early Wednesday morning.
     White is connected to three different robberies, the first on November 2nd at the Finger Lakes Health Care Credit Union on Hart Street in Elmira. The same credit union was robbed again on December 4th. The latest robbery was at the Elmira Savings Bank on January 31 on Church Street.
     Police are not releasing much about the teenager, but authorities say he is pending arraignment in connection to the December 4th robbery.
     Elmira Police Chief Michael Robertson said, "This is a serious case, something that we took very seriously, law enforcement as a whole we all worked together and it was a great team effort."
     Authorities at the Wednesday afternoon press conference said over 1,000 investigative hours went into this case by several law enforcement agencies including the FBI.
     And with White behind bars, charged with first degree robbery, police say they're not done yet.
     Moss added, "I do not believe that we are looking for anymore primary suspects, but we do anticipate some further arrests."
     White is currently in the Chemung County Jail, held on $250,000 bail, under New York State Law, White could face up to 25 years in prison.