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Basics of NY Health Insurance Marketplace

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Basics of NY Health Insurance Marketplace

ELMIRA (WENY) --  Come Tuesday, New York's new health insurance marketplace will be open for business. The goal is to bring affordable insurance plans to individuals and small business owners.
     The marketplace is for people without insurance, and those who want options.
     "We all have needs and unfortunately many people who don't have coverage, can't afford the coverage," says Veronica Hart, Director of Temporary Assistance and Medicaid. "So the intent is for it to be affordable to get them the coverage, so they're not running into the medical expenses that many do."
Cost will vary, based on location, and other risk factors.
     You can estimate your cost on the "New York State of Health" website: http://healthbenefitexchange.ny.gov/premiumestimator
     People will be able to customize their level of coverage. Less expensive plans mean higher out of pocket costs and vice-versa.
     Now that New York has set up the system, it will continue to make insurance options available to state residents, even if republicans in congress succeed in rolling back Obamacare.
"We are opening our doors on Tuesday and we look forward to offering quality affordable coverage to New Yorkers," says Danielle Holohan, Deputy Director of New York State of Health.
     As it stands now, people have until March 1 to get insured or face the penalty. Those who are uninsured and don't pick one by then have to pay $95 or one percent of their taxable income -- whichever's greater.
     If you sign up by December 14, coverage will begin on January 1.