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Bath Infant Thrown into Chair

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Bath Infant Thrown into Chair

BATH (WENY) -- An infant is recovering after being thrown into a chair in the Village of Bath. Police say the infant was hospitalized after a fractured skull, bruising, and severe eye injuries.
     Neighbors are shocked.
     "There were a bunch of cop cars outside. Me and my buddies, we didn't know what happened. I thought it was a drug bust and what not," said Jacob Berg, neighbors.
     But behind closed doors on West Morris Street, an was infant unable to protect himself from the brutal hands of Stephen Hoose.
     Hoose was charged with Reckless Assault of a Child and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.
     "He was arraigned in Village Court last evening and he was released on his own recognizance," said Senior Investigator Curt Eaton.
     Neighbors say Hoose used to date the infant's mother. Even after separation, still looked after the baby. But, for some reason Hoose snapped. Police say he threw the baby into a chair, his head then hitting the wall.
     "Unfortunately these types of things do happen. Way more often than we'd like," said Sr. Inv. Eaton.
     State Police wouldn't comment if there were any instances in the past, but, they still are looking into what happened and what's causing the uptick.
     "This is the second abuse case in the last week. People are arrested, arraigned, and released," said Evelyn Wilson, neighbor, and Captain of the Neighborhood Watch. "I have no understanding why they're released. This child is still in the hospital, surrounded by specialists. He can't be released."
     Senior Investigator Eaton said the investigation is still on going. In the meantime, Hoose is scheduled to reappear in court on June 16th.