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Battling Holiday Weight Gain

Written By: Candice Cole
Holiday Buldge

     ELMIRA---(WENY) It's that time of year that seems to do the most damage to our diets. Holiday cakes, cookies, and pies are just some of the things that pack on the pounds during the holidays.
     In fact, recent studies suggest that on days like Christmas and Thanksgiving-people more than double their caloric intake, consuming up to 4500 calories.
     The daily recommendation according to the National Institute of Health ranges between 1800-2600 calories for the average person who's moderately active.
     So what can you do to help keep those extra pounds off besides just saying no those holiday treats?
     For starters, you can use apps like My fitness Pal, to keep track of what you eat. If you know you have a tendency to overdo it during the holidays, try to compensate for it by being more active.
     Forbes Magazine suggests eating to savor your food instead of stuffing yourself and going to bed on time, which can help in keeping a healthy weight.
     John Maio, Owner of New York Sport and Fitness in Elmira says, "If you know you're going to have a big meal and you know you've got your main meal coming up and you want to enjoy it, just plan for it during the day and get your exercise."