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S & S Alignment Benefit

S & S Alignment Benefit
     ELMIRA (WENY) -- The Sterling family lost everything but hope when their auto shop went up in flames earlier this year. 
     Now the community is putting together a benefit to rebuild their original shop.
     32 years of business and still growing strong after a massive fire destroyed the inside of their business back in february.
     "It's up and down, our friends and families and our customers have been great," says Steven Sterling. "Yea, it's been good."
     S & S Alignment was only out of business for a few weeks after the fire. They are now relocated to a shop on Davis Street in Elmira but they are looking to go back to the shop they call home.
     The Sterling family continues to serve the community but they only have a few tools and a limited shop.
     That is what motivated Eric Kocianski to put together the S&S Benefit. 
     "I know it's been tough on them," says Kocianski. "That's their only source of income. So, you know. Now they're trying to rebuild."
     Friends, family and strangers a like are coming together to help a family business in need.
     Quentin Harriger, a performer at the event, never met the Sterlings but he says he wants to support.
     "To give a little bit of your time on a sunday, to hopefully make somebody's life a little bit better is why, I think all of us teamed up to do this benefit," says Harriger.
     The Sterlings have  attended benefits for other people but never knew his family was loved this much.
     "I never thought that would ever happen," says Sterling.  "I figured we would get through with what we had like we always do and be ok."
     The family is thankful and hopeful to be back at their old location on College Avenue in September.
     "Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and thank you to everyone that helped us."