Big Flats Shared Services Agreement

DPW Shared Services

      BIG FLATS---(WENY) Big Flats Town Supervisor, Ed Fairbrother and Chemung County Executive, Tom Santulli announced a shared services pilot agreement they say will save tax payers over $100,000.00.
     Santulli called it a new era as he and Fairbrother signed an agreement to share highway services and restructure the Big Flats Public Works Department.
     Under the agreement, Chemung County Department of Public Works Commissioner, Andy Avery will also act as the Big Flats DPW Commissioner at no additional cost to the town.
     There is a 12 month evaluation period under the agreement to give the commissioner time to look for ways to eliminate duplicate services and stream line government, by reducing costs and being more efficient.
      Fairbrother says the town has now doubled their resources. He says, "Andy has just been a great guy to work with to make sure that everything works out. That we get the best bang for our buck which has been nothing this year, thank you. It's only smart reality that we do this. Business has been doing this for years, why not government."
     Santulli also commented, saying, "What today's about is the Town of Big Flats and the County of Chemung coming together for highway services. For the county, this won't save us money, but it does to the taxpayer, because the same tax payer pays the county tax and the town tax. So, it's what we should be doing."
      Santulli also says that he hopes the shared services agreement the county used to have with the City of Elmira will be rekindled sometime in the future.