Blind Cows Find Companionship

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Blind Cows Find Companionship

     WATKINS GLEN - [WENY]     Valentines Day celebrates the idea of love and having someone special to keep you company. And with perfect timing, we have a special story of two blind cows, and how they found comfort in being together. At one point, both of these cows were lonely, and living in miserable conditions, but Farm Sanctuary took these cows in, and gave them a better life.
     Meet Tricia and Sweety, both of these cows are blind, but to each other, they are everything. Tricia lived at the Farm Sanctuary for about 7 years now, but she recently lost her companion to cancer and has been alone ever since.
     Susie Coston, the National Shelter Director for Farm Sanctuary talked about Tricia, and he loss. She said, "She had another cow that she lived with, that she loved very much, and she has been very lonely without her."
     Sweety's story started in Canada, she was scheduled to be slaughtered, and she was in very poor health. She was rescued just in time, and arrived at the sanctuary just last week.
     Coston added, "She's in really bad shape, her eyes were not treated, and no treatment for her foot infection, so when she was pulled from the facility she was living, as a dairy cow she was in really bad shape without vet care."
     And without the ability to see, Sweety was very nervous and cautious about her new surroundings. But during her short time at the sanctuary, things were getting better, she was communicating and bonding with Tricia just by mooing at each other from the different sides of the barn. And when Sweety was placed with Tricia, things got better for the both of them.
     Coston said, "So they really connected quickly, they eat together, they sleep together, they hang out together, they are definitely bonded, they groom each other, these are all signs that they have really bonded, and this has been a really quick best friendship already."
     Now that Tricia and Sweety are the best of companions, they get to spend the rest of their lives together, and Sweety will get the medical care she needs.
     Coston added, "So we are going to give her all of the care she ever needs, so she can live out her life, and the same goes with tricia, and we are really really excited because they formed a really strong bond, and we are really hopeful they get to spend the rest of their lives together."