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Boil Water Advisory Slows Down Businesses

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Boil Water Advisory Slows Down Businesses

HORNELL (WENY) -- Frustrations are high in Hornell as neighbors face day two of a boil water advisory. The water has been under advisory since yesterday when a routine test to check filtration, found the water was not as clear as it should be.
     "That's a main thing in life: water," said Shannon Young. "Everything we do is mainly made out of water."
     Instead of boiling, many people have stocked up on bottled water instead.
     "Basically we went out and bought 3 or 4 gallons of water that we've been using [for] brushing teeth and everything instead of using our faucet," said David Lander.
     At Cosmic Patty's the advisory has added extra roadblocks to their day, but owner Patty Roache says it's nothing they can't handle.  
     "Things like this happen you know, and I'm sure the city's doing everything that they possibly can do to make sure they fix the problem," said Roache.
     The city anticipates things will be back to normal tomorrow.
     "The first test has been done and all came back negative, so we're on our second testing," said Mitchell Cornish, Superintendent of Public Works. "We started this morning at 10:00. So, tomorrow morning those results will come in and hopefully an hour later, the department of health will lift the ban."
     In the mean time, the soda fountain at Cosmic Patty's is out of commission, a common story at many restaurants right now. They've been boiling the water to make pizza here too.
     Once the water boils, workers bring it over to what's called the dough room to cool. It has to reach a certain temperature before they can use it to make dough. Roache says it takes them three times as long to do regular things because of the advisory.
     "You just have to adapt to it, smile and keep on stroking," said Roache.
      And we're not alone with the advisory, they're dealing with the same issue further out in Cattaraugus county. If you do drink the water without boiling it, you may deal with things like diarrhea, cramps, or nausea. You can call Hornell City Hall at (607) 324-7421 if you have an questions.