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Bradford County Drug Roundup

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Bradford County Drug Roundup

BRADFORD COUNTY -- [WENY] 61 arrest warrants went out this morning for 42 people accused of selling or having an intent to sell narcotic drugs. 38 people are in jail.
     Police call it
Operation Buckeye. They say it's the result of old school police work for about a year.
     "We are out there investigating and it takes a little time, but you wanna get enough evidence so you can lock these people up for a while, you don't want them back on the street," said Pennsylvania State Trooper, Martin Connors.
      Undercover Investigators bought drugs from suspects  Police say most of the suspects knew each other and were linked.
     "Our oldest indiviuial who was arrested was 79-years-old and there were two mother-daughter teams that were arrested also," says Trooper Connors.
     Rebecca Rees, is just 1 of 42 people accused of distribution or intent to distribute. 12 people were arrested from Towanda, 5 from Sayre and 3 from Waverly.
     Neighbors of one of the suspects say they had no idea they were living down the street from an alleged drug dealer.
    "I don't know if you've ever seen anybody first hand on this stuff, it's scary they don't really know what they're doing they can hurt someone. They can hurt themselves," says Norman Swartz, a Sayre neighbor.
      Other neighbors weren't as surprised, saying there are drugs everywhere.
      "There's drugs in the area, you know there is. I mean I can't speak for every house, but I know that there is just because it doesn't surprise me that there is," says Aaron Barth.
     Police say neighbors tips were especially helpful in their investigation and remind people to say something if they see something.

Bradford County Roundup:
Shawn Watkins, 41, Towanda
Phil W. Wood, 53, Towanda
Mark V. Wurzler, 23, Wyalusing
Travis L. Kitchen, 40, Towanda
Catherine M. Lane, 31, Laceyville
Elise B. Brotzman, 51, Laceyville
Michael C. Porter, 29 Troy
Nicole M. Decker, 24, Towanda
Dustin Hunter Poulton, 22, Middleton
William J. Hicks, 24, Towanda
Darryl D. Hankins, 27, Monroeton
Keighley M. Park, 27, Waverly
Julie L. Falsey, 35, Monroeton
Melinda L. Salsman, 26
Billie L. Deloach, 39, Rome
Gary V. Brown, 44 Ulster
Jeremy S. Worthington, 41, Towanda
Tamara J. Benjamin, 30, Wysox
Mark C. Bell, 24, Wysox
David A. Soprano, 50, Waverly
Leslie May Gallagher, 41, Sayre
Debra A. Decker, 53, Towanda
Todd Brent Stroud, 24, Towanda
Joseph Phillip Leighton, 28, Wysox
Timothy John Farr, 31, Sayre
Heather Lynn Farr, 24, Sayre
Michelle Coyne, 46, Waverly
Heather Dyke, 24, Rome
Penny Sullivan, 45, Rome
Ronald, Chesla, Rome
Brandon S. Verstreate, 26, Towanda
John Worthington, 28, Rome
Rebecca Rees, 37, Towanda
Robert R. Lafy, 44, Towanda
Jason Allen, 32, Towanda
Ellen Johnson, 47, Sayre
Donald Hadlock, 79, Sayre
Jared Brackbill, 29, Ulster
Elsie Minier, 28, Ulster
Shelby Nonnemacher, 31, Rome