Brookside Trailer Park

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Brookside Trailer Park

     SOUTHPORT - [WENY]      On Wednesday, the Southport Town Board accepted a bid offer for the demolition of the Brookside Trailer Park.
     The bid total was for $105,950. LCP Group, based out of Vestal won the bid to demolish and remove the Brookside Trailer Park.
     Demolition is slated to begin on June 9th, and crews are projected to demolish 2 trailers everyday until the 49 trailers are gone. During work, crews on scene will also be conducting material testing to ensure safe demolition and proper asbestos removal.     
     The Town of Southport revoked the trailer park's license in September 2011 from Cohn Chemung Properties. The Town of Southport has tried contacting Cohn Chemung Properties, but they have not been able to reach anyone. The town plans on billing the owner for the cost of demolition.