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Burglaries Down, Concerns Remain

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Burglaries Down, Concerns Remain

CHEMUNG COUNTY (WENY) -- At least 15 businesses throughout Chemung County have been broken into since last month. That includes Pure Beauty in Horseheads, Bernie Murray's on the Southside, and Tag's in Big Flats.
   These burglaries have got state police, the sheriff's office, and local police agencies working together. They are still investigating, and patrolling the area. Neighbors and business owners say they're keeping their eyes out too.
     "Oh it's getting worse, like every Summer it's just going to get worse. In my opinion," says lifelong Elmira resident, Marty Gorvino.
A few businesses on Maple Avenue including Uncle Jack's were hit the span of just a couple of days. The popular pub, Bernie Murray's was one of the targeted businesses too.
    Gorvino thinks the burglers are targeting local shops. "Why take from a bigger business when you can get a bunch of little businesses that would equal the same amount, you know what I mean?"
     Just down the road from Bernie Murray's, owner of AG-N-Power, Chad Schlemmer says the burglaries are really making him worry.        
     "It's not good," says Schlemmer. "Police really need to do something and be on the lookout or maybe do a little more patrolling to protect us businesses because when we're gone what's going to be left on the Southside?"
     His shop has been around for about 5 years and he says he's never seen so many burglaries in such a short time span.
     According to the FBI, there were 85 burglaries in Chemung county in all of 2011 (The latest figures available). That's about 7 burglaries per month reported by the Sheriff's Office. Just in the month of September this year, 15 businesses were robbed.
     Pure Beauty in Horsheheads was one. owner, Michelle Fairchild is still waiting for answers.        
     " I'm in shock that they haven't found the person yet," says Fairchild. "I feel like it's been about 3 and a half weeks and it's pretty shocking to know that that person is still out there. I hope they're not targeting other businesses."
     Anyone with information is asked to call the Chemung County Sheriff's Criminal Investigation Division, at 607-737-2933.