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Camping Pushed Back at Camp Good Days

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Camping Pushed Back at Camp Good Days

BRANCHPORT (WENY) -- Crews on scene at Camp Good Days and Special Times, a camp in Yates County for people impacted by Cancer are racing the clock before another storm comes.
     A little bit of rain and a flash flood watch, issued this morning on May 21 weren't always a concern at Camp Good Days, but flash flooding destroyed a creek that runs along the camp. It used to run about five feet deep, barely a trickle of water going through it, but debris an water pushed it's way in, ravaging the camp site.
     Matt Hewelkins is a Camp Good Days and Special Times 10 year camper.
     "It's kind of hard to see all this stuff going on because I've never seen anything like this," said Hewelkins.
     He's a cancer survivor, and was looking forward to his first year as a staff member.
    "I leave camp in the Summer and I think about coming back all year round," said Hewelkins.
     The cabin he has fond memories in is slated to be demolished due to major flooding.
     Gary Mervis started the camp in memory of daughter, Teddi, who lost her battle to Cancer.
     "By the time I got here Saturday, all I could do is literally cry," said Mervis. "I don't think I've cried as much since Teddi died."
      The property manager is estimating $250,000 in damages. Planned camping dates are pushed back a month. Governor Cuomo has stepped in, announcing funding to help with repairs.
     "I've never seen anything like this or heard anything like this happen to the camp," said Mark Serret, property manager. "But the camp is going to be nicer than it's ever been before and I know we're going to come back."
     DOT  trucks and volunteer crews are site beginning the clean up. Tons of sand was donated to keep waters from Keuka Lake from pushing in further.
     Camp Good Days is grateful for the state help, but say local volunteers are really making a difference. If you'd like to help out you can visit: http://www.campgooddays.org/flood/flood5-14.htm