Car Slams Into House in Corning

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Car Slams Into House in Corning

July, 26, 2013

CORNING -- (WENY) A car crashed into a house around 5:30 tonight on South Corning Road right at the Steuben-Chemung Border. The car was coming down Rodarah Drive and slammed right into the home in front of him, missing a telephone pole by mere inches.
     Seeing a car half way through the living room was definitely a shock, especially for the homeowner's girlfriend, who was inside when the crash happened.
     Police are still investigating how the man drove his Silver Dodge Charger right into the home off South Corning Road.
     South Corning Fire Chief Fran Mayer says he might have had some sort of medical condition that caused the crash.
     He slammed right through the home, hitting the back wall of the living room, almost running into the kitchen where the homeowners girlfriend was standing.
     Code Enforcement came in to look at the house and see if it was ok for the family to stay in tonight.
     The homeowner's girlfriend explained the moment everything happened, "all of a sudden I heard this great big boom and I went honey screaming at the
top of my lungs and he come running in the house and said a car just came through." She went on to say, "I was standing right at the kitchen table and
the stuff came flying in from the crash."
     The family was allowed to stay in the home tonight and will begin with their clean up.
     The man is currently at Robert Packer Hospital for observation.