Cautious Driving In Work Areas

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Cautious Driving In Work Areas

BATH (WENY) -- Spring brings flowers and green grass, but drivers know it also signals the start of road construction season.
     And as road crews get to work, New York State Police are on the lookout for careless drivers in work zones.
     Construction Zone signs can be seen all throughout the twin tiers as the weather gets warmer.
     Operation Work Brake is in effect this week throughout New York State.
     Troopers are cracking down on speeding to keep construction site workers safe.
     Officials in Steuben County say it's important to be alert and aware in work areas.
     "Don't assume the flagger sees you," said Vincent Spagnoletti, Commissioner of Public Works. "Don't assume the equipment operator sees you. The flagger may be tired, may be distracted. The equipment operator is working on digging a ditch."
     Officials say "Road Work Ahead" signs are in place to keep both travelers and workers safe.
     In new York State, Fines are doubled for speeding in a work zone.
     "I'd crawl through that work zone. Roads are narrow, the equipment is usually in one lane. I'd crawl through that and watch everything," said Spagnoletti.
     At construction sites, workers say some drivers don't pay attention to the signs or flaggers making it an unsafe environment for them.
     "You still have to watch your back even with the signs up," said Shawn Thompson, Public Works worker. "There's some that will be fine with it, but there's always that one that's not thinking, and you can get run over easily."
     If caught speeding in a work zone area, drivers could be up to 600 dollars or spend up to 30 days in jail.
     Land two traffic tickets, and your license could be suspended.
     "We're a nuisance to them in the road, they're in a hurry, on their cell phones," said Thompson.