Checking in on Senior Neighbors in Cold

Checking in on Seniors in Cold

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Advocates for senior citizens are reminding people to check on their elderly neighbors after an Albany area man was found suffering from hypothermia in his home.
     CBS 6 in Albany reports a 76-year-old man was found inside a Schoharie County home with no heat. When fire crews arrived on scene, they saw the house was blocked by snow and there was no sign anyone had been there for several days. They say the man was suffering from hypothermia, frost bite and dehydration.
     Authorities are reminding people to check in on their neighbors, especially the older ones, during these colder days.
     "Quite often, they are not maintaining a good temperature in their homes because of costs of heating their homes. Many of them are on fixed incomes, so it's important that someone is checking on these folks," said Nurse Bill Wandell, Office for the Aging.
      Bill says if you find an elderly neighbor in distress, call 911 if it's an emergency.