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Chemung Co. SPCA Changes Directions

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Chemung Co. SPCA Changes Directions

ELMIRA (WENY) -- The Chemung County SPCA wants to change the focus of its mission, no longer interested in providing dog control or investigating reports of animal cruelty.
     Elmira City Council will vote on Monday for the city's Animal Control to pick up services that the SPCA provided. They already provide services for a majority of the county. If a resolution is passed, this will add Baldwin, Big Flats, Erin, and Veteran to the list.
     "One of the most difficult things we see at the shelter is when people have to surrender their animals, and we see this all the time," said Tom Geroy, Chemung County SPCA Executive Director.
      The SPCA has had waiting lists of up to 100 pets to shelter that people just can't look after anymore. The amount of surrendered pets, oftentimes more than the amount of strays they take in.
"Our mission is going to shift toward owned animals in the community and keeping them in their homes
Simply put, the SPCA says, providing dog control and humane services was too expensive, contracts from the county and local municipalities didn't even come close to covering their costs
     "The City of Elmira and Elmira's City Animal Control can do a good job of enforcing the humane laws within the county," said Craig Spencer, Director, Animal Control.
     Like they did with the SPCA in the past, Chemung County will continue to cover the cost of these services-- totaling $25,000.
     Despite expanding services, Spencer says no additional employees will be hired, but they'll be able to handle the additional workload.
     If the resolution is approved at City Council on Monday, Spencer says these services can begin as soon as July.