Elmira Clear Garbage Bags

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Elmira Clear Garbage Bags

     ELMIRA - [WENY]     If you're going to take out the trash in the city of Elmira, you better listen up. Later this year, a change is coming, and it will make things a bit clearer.
     According to our media partner The Star Gazette, Elmira City Manager Kimberlee Balok Middaugh said that the clear bag change is part of an effort to promote recycling, and to reduce overall tonnage that is brought to the landfill.
     And with less going in to the landfill, hopefully more savings will come out. On Thursday, Mayor Susan Skidmore said that the savings will be passed right back to the taxpayer.      
     According to WENY News records, this requirement is not anything new for the City of Elmira, residents were under the clear bag regulation until it was no longer required back in August of 2007.
     The clear bag requirement will not go into effect until September 29th.