Common Core Controversy

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Common Core Controversy

June 6, 2013

ELMIRA HEIGHTS -- (WENY) Concerned parents were back again tonight. Lisa Johnson, who spoke with us at the Corning Painted Post school board meeting,
hosted her own presentation, with two other worried moms.
     "So we starting digging into it for ourselves and now we want to inform other parents about what is coming around the corner," said parent Lisa Christiansen.
     Although it was held by the Twin Tier Tea Party, they wanted to make clear this isn't a political issue.
     Christiansen added, "it's one that we wanted to get parents involved and aware of what's going to be taught to their children in the school coming
up in the next couple of years."
     Some parents who came out, didn't know much about Common Core, and left wanting to learn more. With the scan of one finger, data can be collected from students and this was one of the biggest concerns for parents.
     This is already being seen in schools like Cuba-Rushford School in Cuba, NY. A permission slip from the school says students can get their lunches using a finger touchpad rather than an ID.
     The school says this isn't finger printing, but parents tonight are concerned about data mining. They think it's a little too "1984".
     "Parents don't realize and I didn't realize until tonight when I report to my school district, the school district has access to private information about my children frankly," said parent Mark Houseknecht.
     As of right now the implementation of the Common Core program is set to continue into this upcoming school year.