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Common Core Resolution Vote

Common Core Vote

     PAINTED POST---(WENY) Many local parents have expressed concern about the Common Core educational standards for New York students as set forth by Governor Andrew Cuomo.
     However, despite staunch opposition to the Engage NY teaching modules, the Corning-Painted Post school board has voted to stay the course, at least until the end of the school year.
     Corning-Painted Post School Board Members voted Friday on continue using the current teaching modules.
     It was highly anticipated that the C-PP School District would make plans to move to away from the Engage NY curriculum, however, C-PP President, Dr. Dale Wexell says that dropping the common core modules all together was never on the table.
     During the meeting, Dr. Wexell said, " At this point no one believes we can simply say stop using modules and do something else before the test."
      Superintendent Mike Ginalski says they are still working out the kinks of the new teaching modules, but to change course six weeks before state exams is not the answer.
      He says the decision to totally drop the modules is more complicated than it seems and that they need to be analyzed further, before that decision can be made.
      Not everyone is against the new teaching methods, Elizabeth McIntosh's son has autism and says she's very happy with what Common Core has done for his progress and said " He seems to be doing much better with the common core, than he was with the previous curriculum in the C-PP School district."
     But opposing parents say it goes deeper than just the curriculum, its about their right to choose which curriculum to follow to meet the standards of common core, rather than being forced to adhere to the Engage NY model.
      Parent, Jodi Kohli says, "The standards are a mandate from the state, so we have to do those. But, we can use any curriculum we want to reach those standards and that's out concern locally- is that we've taken on a curriculum from the state as opposed to our own local curriculum which we believe should be a locally controlled issue."
     Superintendent Mike Ginalski is confident in the decision to keep the Engage NY teaching modules. He says, "I think going forward, I think a year from now everyone's gonna be glad that we went through this, because I think we're gonna have a product that people can be proud of."
    The Board will meet again on February 26, 2014 to outline how to move forward.