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Common Core Survey Results

Written By: Candice Cole
Common Core Survey Results

      PAINTED POST---(WENY) The Corning-Painted Post school district held its regular board meeting Wednesday night.
      One of the hot button issues on the agenda was the common core survey results from parents and teachers.
     The results from the survey were not discussed at all during the meeting, but were made available for people to home.
      The results show that while parents and teachers support higher education standards, they don't agree with the methods common core uses.
     And, they feel that the "one-size-fits-all' approach is hindering students' success and limits teachers' flexibility.
      Among teachers, 66% of them feel the Engage NY modules are only somewhat effective, and 67% of teachers says their students' success is improving over time.
     The parent survey shows most are struggling to help their kids with math homework, and overall school enthusiasm has decreased by at least half in both elementary and secondary school.
     Parent, Danielle Peters says, "I don't think it's working for our kids, I don't think the approach is working. A lot of parents have concerns about the one size fits all approach to education that this brings. It's taking away power from our teachers. It's one of the reasons my husband and I have started to home school starting in January."
     However, C-PP Superintendent feels things are improving. He says, "I think our teachers are feeling better about where we are currently. The fact that we reached out to them for feedback, I think says a lot about us. Right now we're just gonna keep working hard and doing the best we can with what's been a tough situation."