Community Concerns in Southport

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Community Concerns in Southport

November 12, 2013

SOUTHPORT -- (WENY) It was a packed Town Hall in Southport. Senator Tom O'Mara and Assemblyman Chris Friend got together for another community meeting. The first one in a few months and the people were ready with questions.
"It's a good thing to be able to hear about what they have to deal with and get the people's opinions on how they're doing it.
     Of course there's going to be some differences," said Sheldon Robinson from Wellsburg.
     For Ed Looney he was there to talk about school property taxes. Saying they're getting out of control.
     "Myself and a bunch of my neighbors in Pine City and the Town of Southport, our school property taxes have been increasing dramatically over the last three years," said Ed Looney of Pine City.
     He says they've gone up by 25%. But his town and county taxes have not gone up.
     "It's unsustainable, it's way out of line, there has to be some kind of problem going on in the system to allow that to happen," he added.
      He says he didn't feel like he got answers just yet. But did get the point across to Friend and O'Mara.
     "I want them to be aware that this issue is going on. Just in case they weren't aware of it. If we don't come and bring it to their attention and give them some facts and some numbers," said Looney.
     And they weren't aware of it. But plan to take a closer look.
    "So our offices will go ahead take a look at their tax records and interact with the school district and the state department to see what's exactly happening," said Assemblyman Chris Friend.
     Both Friend and O'Mara said they plan to have more town meetings in the coming weeks.