Compassionate Care Act

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Compassionate Care Act

     Governor Cuomo announced that a deal was reached among lawmakers in Albany on the Compassionate Care Act. The bill would allow tightly controlled medical marijuana treatments for those with certified illnesses that would benefit from it.
     Under the Compassionate Care Act, the drug will not be sold in plant form or be able to be smoked, but administered through an oil base or vaporizer, and it will only be authorized to those with a severe debilitating or life-threatening conditions. Diseases of illnesses like Parkinson's Disease, PTSD, MS, and cancer are a few of the approved conditions that would qualify for medicinal marijuana treatments.
he Compassionate Care Act will generate the state some new tax revenue, the state will assess a $250 tax for every pound of medical marijuana sold, and 50% of that tax will go to the county that the dispensary is in. Also in the bill, there are criminal penalties for those who defraud the medical marijuana system.
     Governor Cuomo announced that if any unforeseen negative consequences arise from the program, he would have the authority to suspend the program upon recommendation from the New York State Police Superintendent or the New York State Health Commissioner.
     Once the Compassionate Care Act is voted on and approved, it will take 18 months to go into effect.