Cornbread for Kids

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Cornbread for Kids

February 17, 2014

ITHACA (WENY) -- Thousands of people crowded around the Commons in Ithaca, huddled around hundreds of stands digging their red spoons into 45 different kinds of chili. But there was one stand that offered a little something different.
     "43 trays and about 50 slices out of each tray," said Jerry Dietz, Chair of The Taste of the Nation Committee.
     While other restaurants were preparing their best chili. Jerry Dietz and volunteers from Ithaca's Taste of the Nation were making tray upon tray of cornbread.
     "So today we are raising money for a local elementary school, Beverly J.  Morton. They have a program called the fresh fruit and vegetable snack program. they serve a healthy snack to kids twice a day, five days a week," said Dietz.
     Recently the funding for this program was cut back and kids were only getting healthy snacks one or two days week. That's where 'Cornbread for Kids' comes in.
     "Five years ago we made like ten sheets of cornbread you know, kind of on a whim, came out and sold it and in like two hours we were done. And every year we actually sell out which is kind of great! But this year we made forty three sheets of cornbread and I'm really trying to make it through the whole day without running out," said Dietz.
     The perfect addition to Ithaca's chili fest.
     "It's delicious!" said Anna Dinich from Athens.
     And a great way to raise money for a good cause.
     Dietz said, "very generous. You know, when they hear it's for the kids and that we're helping to fight childhood hunger and actually give kids a more nutritious snack in school which is very very important they pony up the money no problem."
     "Good food and good donations," said Elizabeth Dinich of Athens.
      Kellie Meyer WENY News.